About Me – Who I Am

Welcome to my blog! I am Brenda Star and I am a true believer that Nature is fascinating and enchanting. The history of herbs and their uses are captivating. I have always wondered how did the ancient people know—how did they come to understand what a plant would do. They did not experiment in a lab because those technologies did not exist. That wisdom will always be a mystery to me.

mushroomsWhen my siblings and I were very young, our parents would take us to the woods to find mushrooms. It was sometimes toward the end of March and early April in the Midwest. We kids would look for these tasty morels under big green umbrella-looking leaves called Mayapples. I was more interested in the shapes of leaves and the flowers at that age, and I still am only on a larger scale. I’m not going into that here.

That was a sweet memory from my past. We know that herbs are esteemed for the aroma, flavor, seeds, flowers, fruits, leaves, and roots. They can be small plants in the woods, along country roads, and even in your lawn. Larger ones are bushes in mountain areas to trees in rain forests all members of the herb family.

When you pull the petals from a rose, can you find where the fragrance comes from? That is a secret of the plant. Jasmine with its sweet smell and star-shaped flowers comes from the Persian “yasim” meaning “gift from God.” All of this is very interesting to me and I’m sure to you as well.

Join us at our Air Life Better website to learn more about the very best essential oil diffusers and our evaluations of them. Provided here are tips for using oils and diffusers, guides to improve your understanding, and comments from visitors to our site. We also provide a diffuser each month in our Giveaway Promotion that can be free or have discounts to save you money.

Other products are evaluated that are sure to bring about improvements to make your air life better.

What we do to provide a great review

We observe the market, watch the trends, and select the finest product lines to do our evaluations. Eventually, we arrive at about 10 of the best products that are scored and categorized as our top choices we think you will like. It takes a great deal of time to evaluate the hundreds of products to put this together for you, our readers. We will explain herbs, flowers, their leaves, and roots to become the oils to enhance your beauty, health, and well-being.[/thrive_icon_box]

Using and evaluating products

I try new diffusers with the best 100% essential oils to provide you with my experience using them. This provides you with an unbiased evaluation about the features of the device.

Data used for evaluating and rating:

  • The looks of a product
  • Performance and features of products
  • Usability and trouble-free operation
  • Aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits

Our team then determines from the data the quality and overall health benefits from the products.

Bring about up-to-date products

As you know, products constantly change. An iPhone today will not be the same next month. For instance, if a diffuser is modified to be a better product, we will update that information on our website so that you know the latest and greatest for the product reviewed.

Essential OilsThere are many preferred essential oil companies providing 100% pure essential oils for the consumer who only wants the very best oils that are not watered down. We provide this information for you as well. Some users of the oils only want the fragrance in their home or work environment while others want the oil’s therapeutic benefits. You will be able to read more about growing, processing, and distillation methods to include bottling right here at this site.

When you use essential oils, stop by and read this page. Diffusers are here for you to see pictures and read what has been evaluated. They are offered in many colors and shapes with and without lights, with and without filters.

Having a connection with Nature does something special for you. I always feel a bond as if I am using something to improve my body and mind. It’s the same when eating wholesome food from the Earth. What a connection we have to the spirit energy within us. We have explained and use illustrations and graphics to include videos for using diffusers and essential oils in your home, office, or professional setting. An environment that smells fresh and clean is an inviting place to be.

Clean and maintain your diffusers and they will last for years. Keep your oils in dark bottles in cool and dry places and they will be useful for a long time.

Come visit our website, add comments, and check for endless possibilities with our product line evaluations.

Live well and healthy and shop wisely.

Brenda at AifLifeBetter.com