Plant Therapy Vs. Rocky Mountain Oils: Ultimate Comparison

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If you have ever suffered from insomnia, chronic pain, migraines, lower energy levels, or even general unwellness and have turned to alternative forms of healing and natural essential oils, you aren’t alone. In coordination with other strategies, many find comfort and relief in essential oils to help alleviate these kinds of symptoms.

If this description fits you, or you’re looking for a viable supplier for your essential oil needs, then you may have come across two big names, Plant Therapy, and Rocky Mountain Oils.

These two competitors and highly reputable players in essential oils both offer a broad range of products that people swear by, but which one is best?

Plant Therapy Vs. Rocky Mountain Oils at a Glance

Although both of these great companies use similar practices and offer similar products, in a quick comparison you can see the differences of each and where one may have an advantage over the other.

Here are a few quick points about the contrast of each brand:

  • Both use 100% pure oils in their selections.
  • Both are affordable and reasonably priced options.
  • Plant Therapy doesn’t allow clients to be representatives and sell their products.
  • Rocky Mountain Oils don’t have many different types of products other than oils.
  • Plant Therapy emphasizes safety for oil use with children and pets.
  • Rocky Mountain Oils use academic research, expert chemists, and erudite aromatherapists to ensure high quality.

Plant Therapy Pros & Cons


  • 100% pure ingredients and quality.
  • A rigid quality assurance test for every unit made.
  • A big selection of oils and other products like lotions and soap.
  • Blogs and articles providing knowledge and insight on oil uses and safe applications.
  • Environmental concern and impact are a staple of their manufacturing process.
  • The prices are reasonable for the quality of products offered.


  • Lovers of their products are NOT able to sell these products to other people.
  • Lack of explanation behind quality standards on the website.
  • Lack of data and scientific research to back quality oil claims.

Rocky Mountain Oils Pros & Cons


  • Affordable options for all.
  • Huge variety of oil options.
  • Articles, blogs, and informative writing for customers looking to educate themselves.
  • Environmental concern and impact are important to their practices with recycled plastic and packaging.
  • Scientific-backed research from experts to legitimize quality oil claims.
  • Testing practices that go above and beyond to deliver accurate results.


  • Does not allow customers to sell their products and join their sales team.=
  • Limited options for other products.
  • A limited selection of oils compared to the competition.
  • Less affordable than the competition.

The verdict for this contest leaves Rocky Mountain Oils as the winning brand.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

It’s easy to get lost in the endless and tedious options available for choosing a brand to supply you with the essential oils and similar products you love.

Here is a list of criteria that can help you narrow down exactly what is most important for you in your essential oil brand:

Caliber of Selection

Quality, purity, and overall ingredient content is paramount when finding products that are promoted to possess natural and organic compounds to alleviate your issues.

Rocky Mountain Oils offers academically studied and aroma industry-expert supported research giving clear and scientifically oriented reasons why their products are so pure.

Although Plant Therapy also claims that they only carry completely pure and 100% high-quality products that customers stand by, their research and evidence backing them are not as thorough or rigid.

Verdict: Rocky Mountain Oils

Science doesn’t lie, and that’s why Rocky Mountain Oils claims victory over this category for the highest caliber of selection.

Quality Assurance

When dealing with any products, but specifically essential oils, it’s important that quality assurance and testing procedures consist of top-notch systematic approaches that ensure every bottle on the market is guaranteed to be pure.

Rocky Mountain Oils demands thorough and intensive testing practices to meet their customer’s expectations consistently. Utilizing their own carefully developed acronym, S.A.A.F.E., that stands for Satisfaction, Authenticity, Analysis, Free of Adulterants, and Effectively Pure, Rocky Mountain Oil reaches their testing goals with flying colors. They also provide detailed testing descriptions for each product offered conveying a real sense of openness about their manufacturing process.

Plant Therapy also boasts an impressive and careful testing procedure, claiming to test every single batch of oil using an organoleptic method designed by their internal experts’ chemists. Robert Tisserand, one of the leading industry experts, helped Plant Therapy to develop its testing procedures, and it paid off.

Verdict: Rocky Mountain Oils

Although both companies provide extensive MS/GC quality assurance tests, Rocky Mountain Oils stands out by providing the best systematic approach, transparency, and guarantee that everything they produce is fully what they say it is. Rocky Mountain Oils is the winner here.

Size of Selection Available

One of the biggest parts of providing essential oils to the public is ensuring that there is a variety and big selection of oil and accessories to choose from in your inventory. With so many customers customizing their oil choices, needing kits and bundles, and wanting other products related to essential oils, finding the right supplier that has it all may be very important.

Rocky Mountain Oils offers a highly organized, brilliantly designed, and thorough selection of essential oils formulated into an easy-to-use website interface. Filtering your search can narrow down exactly what criterion sparks your interest, and navigating the different menus is a breeze.

Are you looking for an oil to help boost overall energy? Perhaps you need an oil to provide relief from a rash or skin-related concern? A quick filter adjustment can quickly guide you in the right direction on Rocky Mountain Oil’s page.

Rocky Mountain Oils also has a selection geared just for children and an extensive range of different oils for any theme in mind.

Plant Therapy on the other hand gets a little more into the details, with different offerings of oils including hybrid blends, accessories like diffusers, body soaps, lotions, and even easily applied oils for skin remedies.

They also provide a detailed list of competitor alternatives letting you find the right oil for the right price without the hassle of endless research and cross-analysis.

Verdict: Plant Therapy

When looking for an essential oil supplier, seemingly none can match the huge selection, customization, and broad range of different products like Plant Therapy. This is why Plant Therapy is the clear winner for this section.

Environmental Concern

The soothing and healing properties of essential oils go hand in hand with the reverence and respect for mother nature. When deciding which brand to buy, a company’s sustainability practices and environmental concerns can make a huge factor when weighing your options.

Rocky Mountain Oils uses all recycled plastic and packaging when bagging, boxing, shipping, and bottling their offerings.

To add on with vigor, Rocky Mountain Oils also offers a way to send your used bottles in to be reused for future oil packaging. This is a practice that no other company has been able to replicate or offer its clientele.

Plant Therapy has developed a specialized initiative hosting events and programs that are environmentally oriented like planting groups and awareness benefits. They also offer only organic and fully Non-GMO agriculture practices exceeding their already high customer expectations.

Verdict: Rocky Mountain Oils

Both companies take very bold steps in ensuring the environment and nature are at the forefront of their core business principles and beliefs. Rocky Mountain Oils and Plant Therapy realize that the planet should come first when benefiting from its resources, and have developed intense processing strategies in line with that belief.

A victor however has been clearly defined.

With a way to reuse previously sold bottles and recycling practices were woven into their manufacturing and selling process, Rocky Mountain Oils takes the crown in this category.


Essential oils are beautiful and amazing alternative remedies alleviating lots of conditions like skin rashes, headaches, back pain, and sinus trouble. Picking a brand and supplier that offers exactly what you need is the key to a real sense of relief.

Between two of the most popular essential oil brands, Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils, the playing field becomes highly competitive. Both essential oil providers offer affordable prices, high-quality assurance tactics, and a bountiful selection of products that can find the right oil for any need or occasion.

During the comparison, the different factors that may sway you to buy either brand come into full swing, only to leave a clear and decisive superiority of one brand over the other.

Rocky Mountain Oils is the victor in this aromatherapy showdown.

Offering a detailed and analytical testing approach and scientifically researched data that backs the quality of their oils with authoritative results, Rocky Mountain Oils is a sound winning choice.

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