Plant Therapy Vs Young Living Essential Oils: Differences Explained

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Essential oils can enrich your life. They have amazing properties that can heal the body and mind, reduce stress, uplift your mood, help skin problems, improve your digestion, the list goes on. But essential oils are also very powerful products, and as they come into contact with your body, you should ensure that they are totally pure and of the highest quality.

That is why the essential oils brand you choose is important, and sometimes it can be hard to know which among the many essential oil brands have the best value and best quality oils. Whether you regularly use essential oils, or are just getting started in the essential oil world, you have probably heard of Plant Therapy and Young Living Essential Oils.

They are both a leading brand in the essential oil industry and provide affordable, good quality oils that are available online. So if you are looking for a new oil supplier, which one should you choose? Both companies might look good but is one better than the other?

Does one provide better quality products, have a great ethos, or stock a wider range?

Well, don’t sweat. We have reviewed two of the best essential oil companies right here, so you don’t have to.

A quick overview: Plant Therapy vs Young Living essential oils

Plant Therapy Advantages Pros & Cons


  • All essential oils have 100% purity
  • Thorough examination
  • Excellent selection of oils and products
  • Information and blog
  • Budget friendly
  • Kid safe line


  • No MLM structure for people that would want to join up
  • Limited range of organic oils
  • No dietary essential oils available

Young Living Pros & Cons


  • High quality and 100% pure essential oils
  • Thorough examination
  • Wide selection of oils and products
  • Help to educate customers on usage and better customer service
  • Good value


  • MLM selling structure means non-professionals can be involved in sales
  • No specific child’s line
  • No organic oils

Don’t want to read the full article? The editor’s choice is Plant Therapy.

Although both essential oil brands offer affordable and high quality oils, we think Plant Therapy pips Young Living to the post with more options and slightly better value.

We love that Plant Therapy has a special KidSafe line for little ones and does not implement an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), or direct sales model, meaning information you may recieve from the site or their representatives is always trustworthy as it comes from aromatherapy professionals.

The differences: Plant Therapy Vs Young Living ?

Essential oil quality and testing

The first thing to consider when it comes to buying essential oils is the quality and safety of the essential oils.

Plant Therapy provides oils that are all 100% pure and natural that incorporates the finest ingredients. They have no additives or harmful chemicals making them totally safe to utilize without worrying.

The scents are amazing and we love the potency as well as the high quality feel. Plant Therapy carries out several rounds of extensive testing on all their oils to make sure every batch matches their high standards.

They begin with organoleptic testing which is done by their own trained professionals. They then send the oils away to be the third party tested with GC/MS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry) testing, chemical analysis for contamination.

We love that Plant Therapy is totally transparent about their exacting standards and testing, allowing you access to the GC/MS test results for every batch online!

Young Living has similar standards and testing practices to those of Plant Therapy, and they are committed to ene every harvest of essential oils is totally pure, free of synthetics, and tested extensively.

They include no cheap fillers or contaminants so you will not be disappointed with their amazing health benefits and quality. In fact they have their own Seed to Seal system that promises to take care of their sourcing, science and standards.

This means they aim to ethically source products from special partner farms, they test various times and they work hard to make pure formulas with no contaminants. They do exhaustive examination and if the oils do not meet their standards, they would alwaysreject the batch.

Winner: Plant Therapy.

Although both essential oil suppliers offer awesome quality products and testing we love how transparent Plant Therapy is about their making available the evaluation results online.

Product Selection

Both brands not only have a wide range of essential oils but also other products and accessories.

Plant Therapy offers an extensive selection of oils; single oils, synergy blend oils, organic oils, kid-friendly oils, roll-on oils, and CBD. If you want to apply essential oils with your young ones but are worried about which ones you can use, head to Plant Therapy’s awesome KidSafe collection.

The child-friendly line was developed by aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand, it can be used safely on children as young as 2 years. The organic collection is also USDA approved. They also stock cosmetics and body care products as well as aromatherapy accessories like diffusers.

Young Living also has a large range of oils from single oils, synergy blends, roll-ons, massage oils, and more. We love their dietary oils selection, one thing which Plant Therapy doesn’t have, although make sure to always use dietary oils with care and under recommendation from a professional.

One thing that makes up for  Young Living lack of a child-safe line as well as organics range is the fact that they do however offer personal care products, diffusers and accessories, supplements, health products and apparel.

Winner: Both

Although both brands offer a wide range of not just oils but other products, each company could be a better choice depending on your needs. Plant Therapy has both an organics line and a KidSafe line, while Young Living offers oils for internal use and supplements.

Customer Education

Essential oils are powerful things and it is important to be educated on proper use.

Plant Therapy is very committed to making sure they help educate their customers on how to properly and safely use essential oils.

Not only do they provide important info about each oil such as botanical name, extraction method, origin country, and test results, they also provide instructions, dilution guides tips, videos on safe usage on the website.

For even more knowledge as well as ideas and recipes for many different oils, check out their blog. You can even sign up for the newsletter or Facebook group where users can share their favorite, safe recipes.

Young Living also likes to help educate their customers to make sure that they are safely using their oils as well as getting the maximum benefits from them. You can find guides,  and instructions to use the oils safely on their website.

Like Plant Therapy, they also have a great blog that is packed full of useful guides and information on different oils, different uses and different recipes.

Winner: Plant Therapy

Although both companies are committed to educating their customers, we love that Plant Therapy has a Facebook group for recipes and a newsletter.


A quick note on price, as unfortunately good oils often come with a higher price tag.

One of the best benefits of Plant Therapy is that their oils are both great quality, and have very affordable prices. In fact it is one of their founding principles to provide oils at a budget-friendly cost.

Find many of oils for under $10, as well as a range of sizes and scents meaning you can select from a range of price points to find what works for you. You can also get free shipping (US)on orders over $50. They also offer wholesale prices should you be looking to buy in bulk.

Young Living is also a fairly affordable choice when it comes to essential oils, although not quite as budget friendly across the board. It offers many oils to match Plant Therapy’s prices, but they also have a wider range, with some oils being highly expensive.

As they use a direct selling model, this means their prices can creep up for the commissions taken by representatives.

Winner: Plant Therapy.

We love the unrivalled value of Plant Therapy oils.

About the company

Finally a quick note on each company.

Plant Therapy was founded in 2011 with the aim to create amazing quality and affordable oils and that is what they have done. Both have a sustainable ethos and try and do good for the world with their giving back program, a philanthropy program to help local communities.

They promise to never use an MLM Marketing model to sell their products, but should you want to get involved working with them, they do have an affiliate program. Young Living was founded in 1993 and aims to spread the healing benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy.

We also like their sustainable and positive ethos, and they aim to ethically source their ingredients, have a conscientious supply chain, and give back to the environment with recycling and reforestation schemes.

They do have a direct selling model meaning that anyone can get involved with selling for the brand for deals and discounts, but this can also mean that there is potential for untrained sales representatives to give incorrect details or advice about using essential oils.

Winner: Plant Therapy

Although both essential oil brands have a positive ethos we like Plant Therapy’s commitment to giving back and not using MLM marketing.

Bottom line?

For this article, our top choice is Plant Therapy essential oils! They have amazing oils, a large range of products, top information and tips on usage, and a sustainable ethos, and all for across-board affordable prices. What are you waiting for? If you want to learn more about Plant Therapy, check out our guide here.

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