Rocky Mountain Oils Review™—Appraisal and Endorsement

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January 10, 2021

A Bit of History About Rocky Mountain Oils™

A Bit of History About Rocky Mountain Oils

When you want the best in 100% essential oils, pure from Mother Nature, please believe in the best of the best—Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO). They are not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) seller. Selling directly to consumers gives the customers the lowest cost price that is never inflated when they purchase RMO’s pure essential oils so this brand gives both the reseller and consumer gets the best cost prices compared to other brands.

The company was created way back in 2004 and is located in Orem, Utah, USA, partnering with Native American Nutritionals (NAN) to have the best of two companies now as one. Rocky Mountain Oils was conceived then shaped by a group of a positive approach to wellness devotees. Using the latest technology, equipment, and production lines for bottling the oils, Rocky Mountain is the global center of operations in beautiful Utah on the western side of the Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Oils Review: Why S.A.A.F.E Makes it the Best

S.A.A.F.E. Promise™ from Rocky Mountain Oils™

I know you are wondering what that acronym means. Let me explain the amazing qualities this provides you, the costumer. S.A.A.F.E. embodies the reputation of Rocky Mountain Oils as the primo provider of  high quality essential oils. The list of Rocky Mountain Oils RMO products makes it one of the best out there, they have carrier oils, diffusers, bags-you name it, and they even have a trustworthy affiliate advertising program designed to provide satisfaction. Among essential oils company, RMO simply sits on top and one other cool thing is their rewards program in which you can use to earn discounts to buy products at lower cost or even free stuff in the future!

S—Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Rocky Mountain Oils™ 90 days Guaranteed

Rocky Mountain Oils is so dedicated to the potency and effectiveness of their oils that they give their customers a 100% guarantee supporting their vision as providers of the highest quality of essential oils. It has a 90-day no questions asked return policy that could allow you to ship back products for free even when it’s already opened! And their customer service is always there to answer your queries so you know that no matter what happens RMO would satisfy you at any cost.

Rocky Mountain Oils backs this guarantee with their actual GC/MS test results free of charge through their website for every essential oil. Thorough testing is done using GC/MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry) that analyzes individual molecules of each plant’s oils for customers to have the best quality essential oils on the market. The products are 100% non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified using sustainable farming.


The Rocky Mountain Oils company systematically chooses the best suppliers for its raw plant materials with strict and rigorous high quality control testing to achieve 100% pure and genuine essential oils. Even bulk procurement consignments are comprehensively sample tested before being accepted for processing into oils by RMO.


Third party testing is substantiated by the laboratories conducting the GC/MS discussed above to be pure and unadulterated plant oils. Pure aromatic essential oils have no contaminates, toxins, or byproducts. Additives and chemicals are harmful to skin and reduce the effectiveness and purpose of the essential oils.

F—Free from Adulterants

RMO guarantees

By using GC/MS testing, RMO guarantees their essential oils to be free of impurities, diluents, or synthetics that could make their oils tainted. Rocky Mountain Oils’ inside chemists conduct tests as well so that customers are assured of buying 100% pure essential oils that are rich in aroma and therapeutic benefits.

E—Effective and Pure

Only 100% pure and genuine essential oils are sold by Rocky Mountain Oils. They guarantee this quality to you with their GC/MS test reports with even more scrutiny.

Finishing Process

The highest quality essential oils are bottled in amber colored glass bottles to keep sunlight out and sealed and capped with labels on the side and top that shows you the scientific Latin names of the oils, the country the plant is from, and the size of either 5 or 15 mL bottles. In amber colored oil bottles, the highest quality essential oils are stored to keep sunlight out then sealed and capped with label;s on the side and top that shows the scientific Latin names of the oils, the country the plant is from and the size of either 5 or 15 mL bottles

Review of Rocky Mountain Oils Video

Hooked on Essential Oils?

Rocky Mountain Oils™ Logo

The components for Rocky Mountain Essential Oils are obtained from small organic farms globally. All of their essential oils are graded 100% pure therapeutic. This ensures you get a high quality product. Quality products come from smaller farms where quality control can be better maintained. This company’s integrity is without exception. They provide essential oils in 100 singles and 75 blends for your varied selection choices.

You can check the bottom of every bottle to see the batch code then enter it into ROM’s website to see the GC/MS test results. This is RMO’s true dedication to quality! Go to the Get GC/MS Test Results page, enter your batch number and then click submit. A PDF with your essential oil’s GC/MS test report will appear.Rm

When buying essential oils, you want those to be from a company that provides great customer service, one who shares its knowledge on how to use oils, what product is best for your application, and cares about your concerns.

The reputation and prominence of an essential oil company make a difference. It is significant and merits knowing the story about RMO, the best essential oil brand bar none. This realization will help you switch to Rocky Mountain Oils when buying essential oils.

The oils are used by people in their homes, in offices, spas, massage, and physical therapists, anywhere alone or with essential oil diffusers. Rocky Mountain Oils’ 100% satisfaction guaranteed products attest to their rigorous standards.

And if you need help in getting started, you are always welcome to contact RMO with a phone call or email at any time to be greeted by the most understanding and customer-focused team in the marketplace. You will never be disappointed with their timely order fulfillment and your education is something that the brand takes special care in whether you are an affiliate or customer.

Start Your Day with Rocky Mountain Oils

Start your new day with a refreshing aroma using the best-selling singles, for example lemon, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint. Many of us like the pure scent of one single aroma to refresh our surrounding space and to inhale for wellness.

Single Oils

Alternative medicine is energy. Energy is vibration from the universe. Even the various oils have different vibrations to heal. However, with an acute illness, it is especially important to seek a healthcare professional for a lifesaving drug in conventional medicine and Rocky Mountain Oil got you covered with their single oils.


In contrast, blends such as At Peace with a fresh fruity fragrance using lime, mandarin, grapefruit, ylang ylang, tangerine, and sandalwood oils in a base of 66% fractionated coconut oil is quieting. Inhale the garden-fresh clean and bright scent for an aromatic beginning to your new year for a Zen experience keeping you calm, balanced, and centered when under stress.

To find the serenity within you, that ability to be at peace when there is turmoil around, will be revealed to you with aromatherapy. When you use nature’s oils obtained from the flowers, stems, roots, leaves, seeds, skin, and bark of plants, herbs, and trees, you will encounter a total mind, body, and spiritual sense of well-being.

Essential Oil Kits

There are times when I cannot decide what to use or what to give as a present to someone, so I choose the Rocky Mountain Essential  Oils Kits. The selection is a sampling of goodness to experience a variety of heavenly fragrances be it for a novice or devotee of essential oils and you might even get them at a lower cost. You might want to select single fragrances such as the Single Essential Kit.

The four bottles in the Blends Kit are Immune Strength, First Aid, Purify, and Citrus Blend are included in the Blend Essential Kit. If you’re looking to try something new, these kits would be greatly prized for you and your friends.

You will have some wonderful and all-natural mixes at your disposal for supporting a healthy immune system and relief for minor aches and pains. These kits are available for a daily ritual of 5 each 10 mL bottles ready to use being prediluted at 5% prepared for your use.

Tuck these small bottles into your purse or pocket when you’re mobile. You will receive lavender, peppermint, migraine support, and immune strength in the Rocky Mountain Oils’ Daily Solutions Kit for everyone in your family.


Organic Tea Tree

Organic Peppermint

Organic Lavender

Organic Frankincense

For those of us who prefer the pure earthy organic fruits and vegetables at the market, we also love our organic essential oils. The organics are USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified to be 100% genuine.

Organic Tea Tree—Boosts your immune system and revitalizes and renews your skin.

Organic Peppermint—Increases awareness lessening mental fatigue uplifting energy.

Organic Orange—Ahh, the fresh smell of calming and delightful orange for happiness.

Organic Lemon—Increases a cheerful enthusiastic mood from its zesty fresh scent.

Organic Lavender—So adaptable to give a tranquil peaceful mood and soothes skin.

Organic Frankincense—From the ancients for balance of sense of self and focus.

Organics are always produced from the fragrances of nature near gentle streams and creeks, the forests and woods, and snowy mountainous summits. Enjoy the untouched purity of these oils that come from lavish fruit, sweet-scented flowers, valuable healthful herbs, and the earthiest aroma of bark, roots, and twigs.

To use any of Rocky Mountain Oils, just add a few drops to your diffuser, to your beloved carrier oil for a soothing massage, or simply apply and rub into your skin for uplifting your mood, for a calming end to your day, and a complete feeling of well-being. It’s a true indulgence in your bath water with lighted dancing candles and a glass of your favorite wine to disentangle at the end of your day or anytime you want a refreshing warm soak.


As singles or available in kits, the Rocky Mountain Oils roll-ons are convenient to slide into your purse or stash in your desk drawer for replenishing your favorite fragrance wherever you might be. Release the fragrance on your wrist or neck and see the distinctive fragrances.

If bugs are driving you nuts, try Rocky Mountain’s favorite 10 mL Bug Away to deter mosquitoes and other bugs away from you since bugs do not like citrus. The aroma also has a woodsy earthy tone so pleasant for you. This blend is also part of RMO’s Kids Brand Collection and is prediluted at 2% to be safe to use topically on your kids 2-years of age and older.

Put it on their neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet to keep pesky bugs off. The ingredients are citronella, cedarwood atlas, lavender, lemongrass, and thyme in a base of 98% fractionated coconut oil. Bugs hate citronella, and I burn citronella candles on my patio in the summertime, so I know it bugs the bugs.

The Perfect Harmony Between Your Mind, Body, Spirit

The Perfect Harmony Between Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Rocky Mountain Oils announces its new premium essential oil-infused supplement line Tohi for your wellness and aromatherapy journey.

Tohi means harmony linking everyone’s mind, body, and spirit. Achieve this unity with the core components blended to perfection in RMO’s supplements.

The premium essential oil infused supplement line from the trusted brand unites these core elements, so you can naturally achieve total wellness. Start your new adventure to reveal abilities, talents, and anything imaginable in your heart.

When you want to have a healthier energy level or protect yourself from the environment’s pollution and allergens, choose the all-organic ingredients of RMO’s exquisite oil blends sourced globally for your daily body protection and health.

Tohi Supplements from Rocky Mountain Oils video.

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Use Essential Oils in RMO Diffusers

Rocky Mountain Oils™

Connect with your inner self when you use 100% oils and blends in the best ultrasonic diffusers. Fill your reservoir with water, add around 5 to 10 drops of your favorite oil and be on your way to a delightful moment in time. When you first turn on the diffuser, it’s like the first bite of an unbelievably delicious ice cream cone!

Put easy to use RMO diffusers in your home, your office, spa, at your massage or physical therapy studio, nail, and hair salon and even in your car. Have aromatherapy to touch your heart and soul wherever you go. They are small and portable to tuck into your satchel or gym bag.

Breeze Diffuser

The Breeze nebulizer diffuser RMO

The Breeze is an easy to use nebulizer using no water, no heat, and only pure essential oils for a more intense fragrance. The oil you choose to use in the glass bottle included will provide benefits from viruses, mold, fungus, and bacteria in the air.

Use it for respiratory therapy or aromatherapy to relax and enhance your mood. It’s best not to put the unit directly next to a person’s face when in bed.

Thin oils diffuse best. Note that thicker oils such as cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, Angelica root and more will not diffuse. Blends with FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil) will not diffuse because they are too thick. Diffuse for no more than 20-minutes at a time, no more than 3 times a day.

Rocky Mountain Breeze Diffuser

Plug the UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz wall receptacle in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. If outside these countries, you will need to buy a 220/240-Volt adapter. The output power is 6-Watts.

The Breeze nebulizer comes with a 1-year manufacturer Warranty and a 90 day return policy.

Essential Oil Safety

Essential Oil Safety

For your happiness, health, and over-all well-being, nature’s essential oils are an amazing means to achieve your objective and goals. With their o potency, they can be unsafe and risky to use if not used properly so take care. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain Oils has their blog to help you learn tips and tricks for being safe. For using and enjoying the many wonderful benefits of essential oils, keep the following tips in mind next time. Read more about it here.

  • Store all of your Rocky Mountain essential oils free from the reach of children and pets.
  • Do not put essential oils directly on your skin (neat) without consulting the experts. You can apply essential oils with carrier oils.
  • If you feel a rash or get irritated skin, discontinue using that oil or all oils topically if indicated.
  • Avoid the eye areas with essential oils.
  • Stay out of the sun and tanning booths for 24-hours after applying essential oils to your skin. Some are phototoxic and/or photosensitizing.
  • Reduce your chance of being sensitive by not using the same oil continually.
  • Conduct a skin patch test if you are using a new oil for the first time to determine if you have allergies or sensitivities to that particular essential oil.
  • Do not keep your essential oils near open flames since they are flammable.
  • When pregnant or trying to get pregnant or are breastfeeding your baby, be careful using essential oils.
  • Be mindful using essential oil products on children making sure to use age-appropriate oils and dilute greatly.

If you have questions or comments regarding ways to use RMO products, feel welcome to contact the customer service department at Rocky Mountain Oils-they are always eager to help.


Rocky Mountain Oils is your go-to place for all you would ever need for essential oils and diffusers plus more!

I love this 10-bottle fabric case with double zipper tabs to hold my favorite essential oils. It is great for gifts and storing essential oils in its dark compartment to keep your oils from deteriorating. Toss it into your purse, satchel, or gym bag, and take it with you anywhere anytime. The inside is made of sturdy foam to keep your oils from being broken when bumped around. And it has a top handle to carry.

Rocky Mountain Oils™ Case

A 30-bottle insert is available for a box you already have to hold 5 or 15 mL bottles. You can also put it in a drawer to keep your oils safe in a dark areal upright for protection. These inserts can be used as replacements in Rocky MountainOils’’s 30-hole Essential Oil Case as well. The measurements are 2.50-inches tall x 8.50-inches long x 7.50-inches wide.

Rocky Mountain Oils Affiliate Program

If you enjoyed reading this Rocky Mountain Oils review then you might consider joining the  Team Today! I did and enjoy sharing how to experience the wonderful benefits of essential oils with others. Rocky Mountain Oils is looking for inspired people who write about essential oils, lifestyles, health, fitness, cooking, skincare, do-it-yourself projects, and anything you love to write or blog about.

You can earn substantial commissions when sharing your knowledge about essential oils. If this piques your interest, feel free to check the program on the site.

Sure, there are other essential oil companies out there but in terms of what it can offer you, RMO is the best among essential oil companies. And take note that RMO is non MLM which is a huge advantage for you and they have excellent customer service so if you need help in getting started you can always count on their company and brand.


Rocky Mountain Oils guarantees only the best products, their customer service is great, they have an amazing affiliate program that could earn money and their rewards program enables you to purchase products at a lower cost, or even for free, and you can return a product back with no questions asked within a 90 day period.

In this Rocky Mountain Oil review, we covered the many reasons why you should choose RMO so next time you ask for a high quality essential oils provider you know what brand to look.

Live free and be happy always!


Welcome to my blog! I am Brenda Star and I am a true believer that Nature is fascinating and enchanting. The history of herbs and their uses are captivating. I have always wondered how did the ancient people know—how did they come to understand what a plant would do. They did not experiment in a lab because those technologies did not exist. That wisdom will always be a mystery to me. More about me...

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