Plant Therapy Essential Oils vs. Edens Garden: In-Depth Comparison

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The process of buying essential oils can be confusing when you are just starting out. You may not know where to start or which brand to select from. The most important aspect of any essential oil product is the benefits that they are able to provide for you.

You will want to make sure that the product you have your eyes on has been tested safely and has the highest quality.

In this comparison guide, we are pitting Plant Therapy and Edens Garden against each other to see which one will be best suited for you.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils vs. Edens Garden At A Glance

Plant Therapy Essential Advantages

  • High quality testing

Plant Therapy makes sure that their products are safe to use and offer top notch benefits. They even share their test results online so you can see for yourself just how good their products are. Every oil is tested organoleptically. Then, they are sent off for extra testing from third-party testing facilities. This is where they determine whether or not the oils are completely natural.

  • KidSafe line

Plant Therapy has an entire line of products that are guaranteed to be safe to use around kids. Using essential oils improperly around children can cause harm to them. Luckily, the KidSafe line is 100% natural and will not cause harm to your child in any way as long as they are properly diluted.

  • Wide range of products

Plant Therapy has a wide range of products to choose from. There are over 125 single oils, and plenty of other products that include blends, diffusers, carrier oils, and so much more. If you are looking for a large variety of products, this is the right place to search.

Plant Therapy Essential Disadvantages

  • No oils for internal use

Unfortunately, Plant Therapy does not have any products that are made for the purpose of internal use. Oils for internal use can usually offer health benefits such as helping to maintain your immune system, among other things. Plant Therapy products can only offer the benefits that they have through external use.

  • No direct selling model

Having a direct selling model means that companies can have anyone sign up as a representative. These representatives will help sell the products to other people. While there are downsides to direct selling models, some people may prefer to have them.

Edens Garden Advantages

  • Customer Education

Edens Garden provides their customers with information about their products all over their websites. They even provide information about the oils inside of their products and how to use them safely. These resources will be especially useful for newer consumers of essential oils in general.

  • Sustainability

Edens Garden values nature and contentious living above all else. This means they are sustainable with how they obtain and put their ingredients and products to use.

Their overall purpose is to make sure that their products are effective, dedicated, educated, natural, and safe. Their core values keep the quality of their products, and the safety and satisfaction of their customers, in mind first and foremost.

  • Range of products

Edens Garden has a decent variety of essential oils and home items, among other things, available for purchase. They even have their own line that is safe for use around children called Ok for Kids. You can either purchase a starter kit or choose from your own combination of favorite oils to buy as a set.

Edens Garden Disadvantages

  • No organic oils

Having no organic oils may be a problem for many customers. Many people prefer that their products are made out of organic oils as organic oils are generally better for people’s health and for the environment.

  • May be tricky to control drops

The bottle design may make it difficult to control how many drops are being added to moisturizer jars. However, this does not to be so much of a big deal to other customers.

What’s the Difference Between Them?

Variety of Product Ranges

An important aspect to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing essential oils is the range of products that suppliers offer.

You generally don’t buy one or two bottles, but rather look at collections that can potentially become your favorites in the long run. These also serve to see the properties you prefer of different essential oil product ranges which could become a factor in future purchases.

First, let’s take a look at what type of products Plant Therapy has to offer. Like Edens Garden, they have single oils, blends, roll ons and other sets, which is what you would expect from a typical essential oil line.

However, what particularly stands out about Plant Therapy is their organic line of essential oils which are GMO free and most impressively, their KidSafe line. The KidSafe range, as the name states, is safely designed to be used around children.

The equivalent of the KidSafe line for Edens Garden is their Ok for Kids product range, which is also an alternative option for regular essential oils.

Both brands offer a starter kit to give you a taste of their products. You can get smaller gift sets to much bigger sets with different aromas that have various purposes.

Verdict: Plant Therapy and Edens Garden both have a lot to offer in terms of product ranges when you look at their essential oil starter and full product kits, and their safe line for kids.

However, Plant Therapy takes this one, thanks to its GMO free product range which gives consumers the option to purchase from a line of organic essential oils.

Product Quality

Another important aspect to consider is the product quality. Some essential oils are made with harmful ingredients which is why you want to make sure that the brand you’re purchasing doesn’t cause negative effects on your health.

Plant Therapy has one of the better quality essential oils out there, being 100% pure. In fact, they go through third-party testing including Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry tests and publish their results online for customers to feel confident about their purchases.

The testing process has been designed by essential oil specialist Robert Tisserand, and is then passed on to a third party for a variety of different tests.

Plant Therapy is also the first essential oil company to reach EPA Green Power Partner Status which means they work toward reducing greenhouse gases through their production.

Edens Garden also makes their Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry testing results available online and go through third-party testing ensuring they offer 100% pure essential oils.

Additionally, they have a certified aromatherapist who contributes to Eden Garden’s blog to educate their audience about essential oils and their use.

Verdict: Both brands are very close in competition as they work through tough testing procedures to offer the best possible essential oils to their customers.

However, quality verdict still goes to Plant Therapy due to their fully transparent and detailed testing practices, and their status as an EPA Green Power Partner.

Price and Service

Essential oils generally vary in price. They can be very cheap or very expensive, but sometimes a lower price also means less quality so you need to be careful about that.

Furthermore, many companies are Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) which are companies where customers work for the company and sell products for a commission. This means prices are often inflated even if the product isn’t the best quality. Fortunately, both Plan Therapy and Edens Garden are not MLMs.

Plan Therapy is one of the most affordable brands with great quality products. As mentioned earlier, you can purchase different sets of aromas at different price points, or can even try out their essential oils with a starter kit.

Therefore, you will find sets that are more expensive but come with a wider range of aromas, but you will also have the option to purchase the smaller sets for equally good quality.

Edens Garden has a similar price point to Plant Therapy with starter kits and essential oil sets as well. In this aspect, both win.

With price comes service. As mentioned earlier, Edens Garden runs a blog dedicated to their products and their essential oils to keep their customers engaged on how they can better use the oils.

Plant Therapy has a similar section on their website called “Learn” to educate their customers about the benefits of essential oils, along with a blog full of additional resources. They go a step further than Edens Garden by managing a Facebook group where their customers share different oil blends.

Verdict: Again, Plant Therapy and Edens Garden come very close as they offer similar price range and excellent service.

Yet, Plant Therapy wins again due to their consistent effort to keep their audience engaged and continue their great service by educating people through multiple platforms.


All signs point to Plant Therapy being the more preferred product. They have top quality products that are budget-friendly, and a wider range of products. Unclear about how to start or need more information?

They even have more resources that can be used to educate their customers. They take great measures to thoroughly test their products and even display their test results for everyone to see on their website. If you’re tossing up between Plant Therapy and Edens Gardens, you’d be satisfied with Plant Therapy’s range of essential oils.

If you want to learn more about Plant Therapy, see our comprehensive brand review here.

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